Ghamami, Omid

Omid Ghamami, CPSCM, MBA
Folsom Lake College
10 College Pkwy
Folsom, CA 95630


Omid Ghamami, MBA, CPSCM has 18 years’ experience with Intel Corp, holding responsibility for $1B + in annual expenditures as a procurement executive, and also managing Intel's global procurement operations. He was also responsible for the negotiation planning, execution, & training processes for the entire $16B global procurement organization.

Omid specializes in helping public procurement professionals generate better performance results, better influence results with end users and bid committees, the ability to better drive best value decision making within the constraints of the public procurement environment, and the skills needed to prevent supplier performance excursions instead of being able to respond to them. His passion is helping public procurement professionals find new ways of driving procurement excellence.

Since 1995, Omid has performed consulting, training, and executive coaching for thousands of procurement executives and professionals from 24 different countries on topics related to the entire spectrum of procurement, supply chain management, purchasing contract law, negotiations, and supplier management. Omid has the trained all 50 Chief Purchasing Officers of the United States and has worked with many public procurement associations, agencies, and cooperatives.

Omid has published a multitude of articles in prestigious global procurement journals, is the author of two procurement books that are best-sellers in the profession and has 50+ hours of TV appearances as a procurement industry expert. He has been sought out and interviewed by Fortune Magazine regarding Fortune 500 strategies for success in the 21st century and has also presented by request to Harvard University’s prestigious Supply Chain Management program.

Omid is also the founder, chief architect, & exclusive Adjunct Professor of Procurement for the only procurement curriculum/certificate program in the California State Community College System.

Omid holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from California State University Sacramento and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of California, where he was Class President. He is also a Certified Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager (CPSCM™) and is the founder of the Center for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Excellence.