Yin, Kevin

Mr. Kevin C. Yin, CPPB
Director, Contracts and Procurement
SamTrans (NEW)
1250 San Carlos Ave
San Carlos, CA 94070


Kevin has been in procurement for 20+ years, in both private and public sectors. Currently, he is the Director of Procurement & Contracts (Chief Procurement Officer) for TriMet in Portland, Oregon. He and his team are responsible for developing and administering the District's procurement policies and procedures, and all procurement activities.

Kevin's thoughts on learning... 1) You're never too old to learn. 2) It's forever. No one can ever take that knowledge away from you. 3) Learning should be fun (your brain may experience a bit pain, but it's temporary). Kevin is a member of both local NIGP chapters in Oregon, the Columbia Chapter of NIGP and the Oregon Public Purchasing Association (OPPA), and the Washington Chapter of NIGP. Kevin has served on committees and on the Board of the OPPA Chapter of NIGP, including serving as the OPPA President during FY2008-2009. He is currently serving as the Vice Chair of the NIGP Member Council.

Kevin graduated from the University of Oregon (Eugene, Oregon) in 1993 with BAs in Finance, Marketing, and Psychology. GO DUCKS!

Kevin lives in Oregon since 1989 and currently resides in the city of Happy Valley, a suburb of Portland. He is married to Kelly for over 24 years. They have two children, Ethan (16) and Abbie (14).

On the Faculty of:
CPPB Prep /
Developing and Managing RFPs in the Public Sector /
Introduction to Public Procurement