Webinar 032018: Third-Party Guiding Principles and Compliance for Sustainable Federal Buildings

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    Micah Thomas & Shaina Weinstein

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    Learn all you need to know about the responding to a procurement request for compliance to the Guiding Principles.  The session will provide the most up to date information on the Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings and is offered by the Green Building Initiative (GBI).  GBI is a nonprofit organization that seeks to accelerate the adoption of sustainable built environment by certifying commercial and government buildings with the credible and practical Green Globes Certification and Guiding Principles Compliance programs.  This course provides an overview of GBI and Green Globes, and a deep dive into GBI's third-party Guiding Principles Compliance program, and how GP-compliance buildings perform significantly better than conventional buildings.


    After completing this online training session, learners will be able to:
    1. Identify the current status of the Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings. 
    2. Recognize the value-add of Guiding Principles-complaint buildings.
    3. Understand one of the available third-party assessment and verification programs for compliance to the Guiding Principles

    Presenter Bios

    Micah Thomas refines the assessment, rating and certification processes online and off for GBI's rating system; develops customized tools and processes to meet the specific and unique needs of federal Guiding Principles Compliance users; and augments back-end administrative mechanisms.  Micah's background is in user-focused project management.  Prior to joining GBI, he was responsible at several organizations for a variety of hardware and software roll outs in cities across the United States.  He holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Whittier College.
    Shaina Weinstein is a change agent in the sustainability industry.  Combining creative initiative with strong business skills, Shaina brings ideas, stakeholders and programs together to advance sustainability in the built environment and generate real results.  Drawing upon her longtime association leadership , ability to foster relationships and her skillful navigation of policies and programs, Shaina admired for her ability to break down green building barriers.  She holds Bachelor's degrees from the University of Oregon.

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