Webinar 071018: Pay for Success: When Does this Innovative Funding Model Make the Most Sense

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    Mary Wickersham & Alexis Kennedy

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    This webinar focuses on the feasibility study stage of Pay For Success deals. During this process, organizations work with technical assistance providers to identify potential partners, target populations, interventions, and outcomes related to tackling pervasive social issues including child maltreatment, homelessness, recidivism, etc. At the end of the feasibility study, it is determined whether or not a project is appropriate for a Pay For Success transaction. We discuss the process of conducting a feasibility study and the costs and benefits associated with this type of work for organizations. In addition, we give an example of a feasibility study that was conducted in Colorado.


     After completing this online training session, learners will be able to:
    1.  Understand the feasibility study process of a Pay For Success deal.
    2.  Recognize the costs and benefits surrounding PFS feasibility studies.

    Presenter Bios

    Mary Wickersham - Over her past 20-years-work in public policy, Mary has been deeply involved in some of the most impactful innovative financing programs in Colorado. As Director of Initiatives for the Colorado State Treasurer, Mary developed and implemented the Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) Act. This innovative approach to financing public school capital construction brought $1 billion of new funding to schools. In addition, Mary structured more than $2 billion in long-term bond financings for the state and created two separate state bond programs that use cost savings for repayment dollars. As Governor Ritter’s Senior Education Policy Advisor, Mary helped develop and implement a range of education programs, from preschool through higher education, despite the challenges of the Great Recession. In 2013 Mary co-founded Social Impact Solutions (SIS), where she is principal. SIS led the financial structuring, capital raise and investor engagement portions of the recently closed Denver Social Impact Bond for permanent supportive housing, making it one of only a few organizations nationally to have structured and closed a transaction.

    Alexis Kennedy is a third year PhD student at the University of Colorado Denver in the School of Public Affairs (SPA). Her research interests include innovative finance and social equity. As a research assistant and contractor for the University of Colorado Denver, Alexis has worked on budget and policy recommendations for projects involving charter schools, cradle to career interventions, and research on representative bureaucracy. In addition, Alexis is an instructor for the Masters level Public Budgeting and Finance course at SPA. She also works part time at Social Impact Solutions where she has been involved in conducting feasibility studies for potential Pay For Success projects focused on decreasing child maltreatment and neglect and increasing early childhood education. In a past life, Alexis worked for an energy consulting firm in New Jersey where she forecast energy savings for public and private organizations interested in installing solar on their buildings.

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