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    Date and time:  Tuesday, September 22, 2020 2:00 PM ET- 3:30 PM ET (Eastern Time) 

    Presented by: Dr. Stephen B. Gordon, CPPO, Ph.D., FNIGP, Norma Hall, CPPO, CPPB, FNIGP, CPM and Darin Matthews, CPPO, CPSM, FNIGP, C.P.M.
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    Most of us have experienced anxiety and depression, or we have known someone like a family member, friend, or colleague who has. Fear and sadness are normal reactions to events and circumstances that create stress for us, because we all get anxious or depressed from time to time. However, when anxiety attacks become frequent and low moods are more severe and tend to persist, there is reason for concern. In this webinar, two well-known public procurement professionals talk about their personal experiences with greater levels of anxiety and depression than most other people experience, what they have experienced, the action they have taken to address their conditions, and how life is for them now. A third well-know public procurement professional talks about his experiences with family members who struggled with severe anxiety and depression. The three presenters will share their very personal experiences in the hope that you and others you know can benefit from them. None of the three presenters is a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other qualified counselor; so, no one should attend this webinar with the expectation that they will be given professional guidance. Attendees will be able to ask questions at various points during the webinar. The facilitators will welcome and encourage questions from attendees.


     After completing this online training session, learners will be able to:
    1. Explain why it is essential to recognize that frequently-occurring anxiety and severe and prolonged depression must be taken seriously.
    2. Discuss how frequently-occurring anxiety and severe and prolonged depression can manifest themselves.
    3. Identify where individuals who struggle with frequently-occurring anxiety and severe and prolonged depression can obtain assistance and support.
    4. Apply what is learned in this webinar to help yourselves and others.
    5. Work with others to help de-stigmatize frequently-occurring anxiety and severe and prolonged depression

    Presenter Bio(s)

    Stephen B. Gordon, PhD, FNIGP, CPPO, a 45-year veteran in the public procurement arena, has devoted his career to advancing the practice of public procurement. The 2002 national president of NIGP – the Institute for Public Procurement, Steve received the Albert H. Hall Award, NIGP’s highest form of recognition for individual procurement professionals in 2006. In retirement, Steve volunteers to assist those who struggle with mental illness and loneliness. He also is a volunteer English as a Second Language instructor. The author of the regular feature, “Procurement Ponderable,” in Government Procurement Magazine. Steve launched the globally-accredited Graduate Certificate in Public Procurement and Contract Management at Old Dominion University. He developed, launched and managed the NIGP Education Program as an Institute staff member in the late 1970s and early 80s.
    Norma J. Hall, FNIGP, CPPO, CPPB, is a 40-year veteran of state government procurement, who has served the public procurement community as a pioneering public procurement practitioner and as an effective instructor, speaker, consultant, mentor, and coach. Skilled in budgeting, sourcing, negotiations, contract management, and many other areas, Hall was the 2005-2006 President of NIGP and was awarded NIGP Albert H. Hall Award in 2009. Norma is a past chairman of the governing board of the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC), and she continues to serve the UPPCC as an active advisor to its governing body. Norma is a member of the National Association of State Procurement (NASPO) and won NASPO’s prestigious Cronin Award in 2019.
    Darin L. Matthews, CPPO, CPSM, FNIGP, C.P.M., has over 25 years of procurement management experience in state and local government, higher education, and private industry. Darin, who is a Master Instructor for NIGP, served as the NIGP national President in 2007 and received the Institute’s Albert H. Hall Award in 2012. The author of numerous articles and several books about procurement and related subjects, Darin has served as an adjunct faculty member at several universities. He is a past member of the governing board of the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council and the Public Procurement Research Center at Florida Atlantic University. Darin speaks throughout the world on a variety of procurement topics.  Darin is currently a director for Negometrix, an international leader in digital procurement and contract management.


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  • 2:00pm - 3:30pm Webinar 092220: Dealing with Anxiety & Depression
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    Webinar - Dealing with Anxiety & Depression...

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