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Contracting for Construction Services

Contracting for Construction Services


$50.00 - Non-Member - Contracting for Construction Services

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"Contracting for Construction Services: Understanding Capital Improvement Contract Management is a pretty short book, 150 pages or so, 9 chapters, with tons of information surrounding the whole Contracting scenario (not just aimed at Construction Contracting, but Contracting as a whole). It has all kinds of examples, and very good ones at that, plus it is an easy read.”

James (Rick) Lott, CPPB
Senior Buyer
Central Arizona Project
Phoenix, AZ


In Contracting for Construction Services, Wendell C. Lawther, Ph.D., and John O. Adler, CPPO, effectively unveil the many processes and techniques that contribute to successful public works projects.  Understanding how construction projects are initially defined and budgeted, the responsibilities of the Project Manager, major methods of construction, and how to select contractors is critical to every capital development program.  By defining terms that may be unique to infrastructure development and clarifying the many elements of the pre-,mid-, and post contstruction phases, Contracting for Construction Services is a comprehensive reference useful to both beginning and experienced construction contract managers.

NIGP, 2008, 171 pages, softbound